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22 May 2007 @ 12:20 am
Pick a Color!

Okay, guys! We's'a gots a plan!

We all pick a colour. Any specific, hexidecimal colour, and assign it to our character. For example, Suzuki will be posting in rainbow, albeit a rainbow text generator.

A nice resource for colours is available here: X
So, go ahead and pick your colours! And I will add it to the taken characters, in a table, or something of the sort. -o- I'll figure it out eventually; school is very stressing right now, and I'm staying up late enough to be threatened. ("Go to bed, or grandma will smother you with her hernia!" Can you believe that!)

yes. Anyhow. Pick your colours, specifically! (#000000 is black. Etcetera.)
22 May 2007 @ 12:05 am
Tell me this isn't spiffy. What we do here is we take this big giant list of friend add's and friend remove's... and we copy it. And paste it HERE in this console, and hit 'execute.' AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS? It adds and removes all friends needed or otherwise. Bam. Just like that. Now tell me that's not spiffy. (Please abuse of this~! ♥)

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21 May 2007 @ 11:34 pm
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YOUR LJ User name --- If you do not have one, please make one; it is necessary for listing who the character is played by. Whether or not you are active with that journal is your choice.

AIM --- It is requisite to have some sort of Instant Messaging service. For logging, you need to be able to join in on channels. Most players here have AIM; it is HIGHLY ADVISED that you download AIM, if possible.

Sample Post --- Please keep it under four or five paragraphs. You are giving a sample, not writing a book.

A NOTE!: If your character has died in the series (ex. Kuronue, Karasu, etc.) PLEASE include a LOGICAL explanation of how you were revived, long or short as the explanation may be, in your sample post somewhere. We need not have nonsense zombies wondering about.