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21 May 2007 @ 11:34 pm

YOUR LJ User name --- If you do not have one, please make one; it is necessary for listing who the character is played by. Whether or not you are active with that journal is your choice.

AIM --- It is requisite to have some sort of Instant Messaging service. For logging, you need to be able to join in on channels. Most players here have AIM; it is HIGHLY ADVISED that you download AIM, if possible.

Sample Post --- Please keep it under four or five paragraphs. You are giving a sample, not writing a book.

A NOTE!: If your character has died in the series (ex. Kuronue, Karasu, etc.) PLEASE include a LOGICAL explanation of how you were revived, long or short as the explanation may be, in your sample post somewhere. We need not have nonsense zombies wondering about.
˹ʈɑɱ˼imparfit on July 11th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
Name: Tam
Desired Character: Kuronue [黒鵺]
YOUR LJ User Name: Imparfit
E-Mail: Imparfit@gmail.com
Sample Post: If these will do. They’re snippets from a past roleplay with friends.

Helios let his expression change to that of a state of shock, but only for a few seconds. Fool. Do you think I spent all those years with Blue Star to be outwitted by a mere thief...? Looking toward the canopy the bat youkai disappeared into, Helios began concentrating his youki into the trees making the canopy. In an instant the leaves of the trees stood on end, turning razor sharp and then shot cross firing between each other, in the path the thief had taken. However far he'd gotten, he couldn’t be happy right now.

And oh, how he wasn't happy to be faced with this shit again. "F***!" He shouted angrily as he stopped short just as one of those leaf shots volleyed across his path. The abrupt movement making the already slippery gems just like lathered soap in his grasp. And with both of these actions, the dangerous leaves still seeking to shoot him from it's owners branches and the gems precariously slipping out of fingers, his own form was a tangle of odd displacements as he had to lean and wriggle to keep both of these from upending his own self.

A close of wings to land on a branch, a jump away from more of those leaves, then a scramble behind another tree's bark to avoid another volley and Kuronue was thoroughly pissed off. In all that commotion, one of the damn gems finally finding a suitably large enough space to pass through; Fell out of his grasp and started to free fall right through the leaves he was still desperately trying to escape from.

This moment was so not his lucky moment as his midnight blue eyes watched the freefall of the lost gem, his mind already reeling with decisions of what to do. One was to go and chase it down and most likely become caught or two, escape with the one jewel he did have and try again for the other... Both options did not seem plausible for Kuronue. He wanted both gems, damn it. And if it wasn't for that plant user… Yes, he knew it was the plant user who'd set the tree to hostility on him... he would have had both gems in his possession right now! Growling, he cast his lost prize one last glance then turned away from the tree with its damning leaves and re-opened his dark wings. It seemed that the Plant manipulator was focused on the one tree where he was presumed to be staying in...And with no visibility in the shadows around it due to the rain, Kuronue glided off the branch and away into gloom. If he was careful, and he was highly so now, he would stay away from any further herbs, trees and bushes... Which he did by turning his direction higher up into the air, far above ground and any nuisance trees.

Sorry it’s a bit long but to understand it all they needed to be together.
daimyo_sama on July 12th, 2007 12:20 am (UTC)
Accepted! Please add all the players as friends, join the four communities [yuuhaku_desu, yuuhaku_madness, yuuhaku_logs, and yuuhaku_ooc]. Kuronue's colour has been previously selected, but if you so wish to change it, do so here. We look forward to role-playing with you! [PS. I'm unsure if it is simply a personal preference, or a means to be polite within the audition, but as a side note, I should alert you that there are no f***ing filters. :3] Enjoy!
daimyo_sama on July 12th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC)
Also, another note. The previous journal was bat_demon, and was played by [AIM username] BellTowerMusical. [I've not talked to, nor seen that username online in a very long while; perhaps they've changed their name and I've forgotten, but my warning is that they could be hard to contact, considering this.] You may choose to continue with that journal, if you can obtain the password; otherwise, you can please create a new journal. [If any of us see them online, we will hunt the password down for you, as well!]
daimyo_sama on July 12th, 2007 12:31 am (UTC)
Also, another note. The previous journal was alluringpendant, and was played by [AIM username] BellTowerMusical. [I've not talked to, nor seen that username online in a very long while; perhaps they've changed their name and I've forgotten, but my warning is that they could be hard to contact, considering this.] You may choose to continue with that journal, if you can obtain the password; otherwise, you can please create a new journal. [If any of us see them online, we will hunt the password down for you, as well!]
˹ʈɑɱ˼imparfit on July 12th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
I have added all the players and communities required, don't wish to change Kuronue's colour and will definately be using my own journal for Kuronue so a password search isn't necessary. [Oh, yeah. And my computer automatically filters all those bad words for me. I can't do nothing to change that. :P]
daimyo_sama on July 12th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks!
Glad to have you with us! We'll add you to the lists. [...What a sucky strange computer. :>]
(Deleted comment)
daimyo_sama on July 31st, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)
You're amusing. We like you.


Please add all of the players, and join all of the communities [yuuhaku_desu, yuuhaku_logs, [Bad username: yuuhaku_madness,]]. After that, post a note at yuuhaku_ooc to announce your arrival!

[Also, if you are not satisfied with Yuusuke's previous colour, please select a new one.]

Happy to have you with us, Beck~! Enjoy role-play at yuuhaku_desu! ♥
犬夜叉 ¦ InuYashahanyou on August 30th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
Name: Your god
Desired Character: Raizen
YOUR LJ Username: Hanyou
E-Mail: rynrbprice@gmail.com
Sample Post: Huh, this little nutshell will do for now. What's to stop him?

The figure embraced by a blanket of soot. Ones' own mind holding little in difference, relations between the two identical; mirrored. Accompanying such a state, casted out into dead-air itself, a breathing pattern that could be best described as: In-human. Those threads holding both rational thought to carnal instincts becoming strained beyond capability. Unraveling itself by mere seconds, frayed; a single twine now withstanding.

A representation, in a sense symbolizing something to the more. "Knnngh...Grrrnnngh.....!!.." His body felt ablaze, a never ending burn which breached even to the deepest depths of subconciousness. The appendage of his left trembled just as the core within, brought upwards - the elbow bending with the creaks of resistance. A subtle attempted to at the least bide even seconds.

Ablonged digits tipped by ivory talons masked a frontal perspective. Ribbons of white cascading around his face. Vision lost for the time being with the exception of his left eye. The white around the iris slowly drowning in a pool of blood scarlet, vibrant in a steady glow. Both eyelids closing shut with a curdling growl. It was behind those curtains... He saw her face... her smile... a small laughter coming from the image. The expression as clear and as smug as ever of that damn woman.

His vow, that scene replaying within his own mind. The fire dwindling... buying him only a moment of clarity, spheres no longer flashing a herald of crimson. However it was for just mere moment. His iris knowing no boundaries, a wander, looking much like that of a mere spec in a sea of pure white. Quivering were both lips and his very frame. A froth breaching at the ends of his mouth, the jaw of his fangs clenched tight. A trail of foam streaking at the sides to pool off and gather at his chins end.

The fire now an inferno, billowing upwards in a spiral of what sustenance was needed, what had not been tasted in gods knows how long. His system wracked because of it. Even a bite would be sufficient. The rouge returning at full, his mindset lost in a disarray of eradication. A roar dismantling the very heavens themselves, the bowels of hell having very little immunity if nothing at all.

Well.. since it seems souls escape at points.. Heh.
daimyo_sama on August 30th, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
Accepted. You know the drill, God.
dallasita on November 15th, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
Name: Rose
Desired Character: Yukina
YOUR LJ User Name: dallasita
AIM: HWcid
E-Mail: HWcid@aol.com
Sample Post: Slender, ivory fingers gripped the broom’s worn handle, manipulating the dated household item to deliver swift strokes against an offending clot of dust. “Goodness,” Yukina murmured as a tiny hand rose to her mouth and created a fleshy handkerchief to shield both her nose and mouth from the dust’s futile retaliation. A murky cloud rose and then fell gently; gently cascaded off the temple’s wooden floor to float on harmlessly elsewhere. A job well done, but it certainly wasn’t the last of the day's chores. Still, the hand pulled away, revealing a tiny smile tugging at the young demon’s lips as she ceased the broom’s ministrations to brush away at any particles clinging to her attire.

The smile eased into an expression of thoughtfulness, Yukina turning a head of aqua to the skies to glance at a beaming sun and spy a bird, followed by two others, rapidly scamper across the treetops. Not a bad day at all for cleaning, she mused, humming offhandedly while traveling with the broom to another section of Genkai’s residence that demanded a waltz with aforementioned broom’s trusty bristles.
daimyo_sama on November 15th, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC)
Accepted! Please create a journal for your character, and add all of the necessary communities [yuuhaku_desu, yuuhaku_madness, yuuhaku_logs, yuuhaku_ooc], in additon to everyone on the Quick Friends Add [http://community.livejournal.com/yuuhaku_desu/884.html]. And, at last, please make a post at yuuhaku_ooc announcing your arrival.

It's great to have you here! Welcome to Yuuhaku Desu!